What is a life coach? All The Answers You Need

What is a life coach

What is a life coach? All The Answers You Need

Life coaching is one of the new hot terms that is floating around out there. If you have found yourself hearing the words “life coach” and wondering what is a life coach, you’re not alone. It’s meaning can be a bit of a mystery and that is because it is so relatively new and growing momentum. Here’s the answer, along with a few other details that may arise when you wonder, ‘what is a life coach?’

A Life Coach is Not Your Boss

When I tell people that I am a life coach, especially people who know me professionally, I get the response: “You will be great at that, there are a lot of people out there who need to be told what to do.” I then must correct them, because a life coach is not there to tell you what to do in your life. Why would somebody else presume to know what you need in your life better than you?! True coaching doesn’t tell you what to do. Rather coaches listen for your wisdom to come shining through.

What wisdom?  That’s why I’m here!

In the coaching relationship, a trusted, nonjudgmental space is created for you to speak your heart. During that conversation, the coach notices body language, listens for patterns, beliefs and perceptions. They then feed the information that they are noticing back. They help you tap into the wisdom of your body and mind. There is an underlying belief in coaching that you are a unique individual who innately knows what you need. In this relationship, you are asked powerful questions that can help you really get to a deeper understanding of yourself. This process is so powerful because few of us are truly heard. It is immensely powerful to be truly heard and hear your wisdom being fed back to you. This is where true change is possible. You are not getting advice or being told how to fix things, you are finding out what you feel you really need.

What is a life coach

So why can’t I do it on my own?

When we are in our own heads, it is difficult to truly hear ourselves. Our wisdom is hidden beneath self-judgement, shame, blame and judgement. All of these cloud us from really hearing what our says. Think of your intuition metaphorically as a pebble dropping into the ocean. It is a small ripple in a big space. It takes someone who truly listens for that ripple and teases it out from the surrounding waves. If you have ever practiced mindfulness or meditation, then you are aware that our minds are constantly going. That is why it can be difficult to hear that intuitive message. In the coaching relationship, your coach will help you tune into that intuitive sense to really tap into the wisdom that we hold in our heads and our bodies, and will provide you with the tools that can help you tune into it on your own.


So, what is a life coach, like a friend?

A coach may listen to you like a friend but they are trained to listen past the words and really notice and hear what is being said. Also, unlike a friend, a coach has no attachment to a result. Think about it, if you were talking to your best friend about moving across the country, they would have personal feelings and reservations because they care about you and, although they want what is best for you, they don’t want you to move away. A coach has no attachment to the outcome. They truly are a clean slate who is just listening to hear the wisdom and asking the powerful questions to help you get the clarity you are looking for.

Is it like therapy?

Therapy and coaching are very different. Although both listen, a therapist and a life coach  play different roles. Coaching is focused on action and accountability; it is forward looking. Therapy, on the other hand, focuses on fixing emotional hurts stemming from the past. Generally, in therapy the end goal is feeling better, although this generally happens in coaching too. In coaching, you will also have actionable outcomes related to the issue. Coaching does not focus on healing the past. Rather, it notices if past beliefs, patterns or perceptions are affecting your current situation and gives you the tools to change the things that aren’t working. There is an important place for therapy in emotional healing, but if you are looking more at the present and into the future, coaching would probably be a better fit.

What is a life coach

All the answers you need!

What I have learned from both being coached and coaching is that we truly do have an inner knowing. When I get coached, I am always pleasantly surprised at the wisdom that comes flooding out of me, especially when I have been wrestling with something for a while on my own. Suddenly in a session – BOOM! Everything I have been struggling with comes flooding out- it really is remarkable! Our minds and bodies know exactly what we need. We just need to tune in to hear the message and really learn to trust ourselves. So all the answers you need… are inside of you! You just need the tools and the skills to be able to hear the message and motivation to move forward. That is where coaching comes in. Your curiosity brought you to this blog. Take it a step further and book your free consult to get a better understanding of the benefits of coaching.

Trust Yourself, you have the Strength and Wisdom!

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