I love helping people grow and discover themselves!

Hear personal life coaching stories from some of my amazing clients:

Love. The best way I can think to describe Tara and the life coaching sessions. With gentle ways and words, the advice and mind-opening journey that comes from the life coaching sessions is priceless. An investment in oneself. You become open and acquainted with yourself, something I had never realised I wasn't. A beautiful part of any awakening journey, made all the much easier but the support and kindness and love you feel from this beautiful human being.

- Xana

This was my first experience with a life coach and I was pleasantly surprised! I didn't really know what to expect, but I was blown away with my results. I've learned to trust my instincts and just how self-aware I really am on a day to day basis. I've learned how to talk myself through anything and to truly trust my gut feelings! Tara has helped me see my inner strength and how to push myself to a life I actually want. Enough so that I've quit my retail management job and I am going to College for the first time in my 40's!! I finally have real confidence in my choices and a hopeful future to which I give credit to Tara and her coaching skills. I felt safe sharing my thoughts & feelings with Tara without any judgement or sarcasm from her. We went through the coaching process at my pace and if I didn't feel like talking about a specific subject, she rolled with it.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and how to process some of the crazy thoughts one can have. She helped me find my most authentic self and I will forever be grateful!! Give it a try.....you just might get to know yourself better!!

- Megan

From the first moment I sat down to be coached by Tara I was comfortable. She creates a really safe and warm space that always feels right. She always honors my wants and needs so that I can find what is going to help me the most on that given day. She lets me steer the ship and is always ready with ideas and feedback. She has a large and varied selection of effective tools and is very skilled at finding the one that is most useful in helping me move forward to take on and overcome my challenges. The action steps that we develop together inspire and encourage me to build the life that I truly want to live! I have no doubt that I wouldn't be progressing at the rate I am without Tara by my side collaborating and supporting me! Thanks for helping me change my life Tara!

- Bob

This was my first time ever truly working with a coach. I had been to many therapies but it seemed like I had to keep returning. One of the things Tara helped me change was all the negative talk I was doing to myself. I’ve read many self help books that sounded wonderful but didn’t help. Tara being my coach walked beside me. This is something no self help book has ever done. She will listen deeply to me and reflected back what I was saying. She asked me questions and focused me on what I was truly saying to myself. Through this process I have had true personal growth. I can see this crossroad in my life in different eyes. I can embrace my inner voice in a loving and compassionate way. I can return to myself when conflicts come in my life. I can see the gifts God has given me. I can move forward with purpose in this world.

- Barbara

Tara has an amazing ability to sense what's going on underneath your layer of armour. The best part about her is that she asks before diving deep to figure out if her intuition is right. I love her open mind about alternative medicines and healing techniques. She and I have worked in archetypes a lot, which I find very useful. She's accessible and silly about painting pictures of what different archetypes look like. I appreciate a little light-heartedness when coaching hard or sensitive topics. I always feel like she cares about what I have to say and she is genuinely interested in my wellbeing. This makes it easy to tell her anything that comes to mind no matter how random and then she works to figure out how it fits in the puzzle. She challenges me to go after my goals, and when I hit a bump, she's there to help figure out how to move past it- up, over, to the side, under or get out the jackhammer to smooth it over.

Thank you, Tara!

- Alexis

Thank you for your help Tara!  I was struggling in my relationship, and working with you I became clear on my lack of boundaries.  Your support in getting me through the inevitable breakup was vital.  I was able to navigate the chaos in my mind & heart through your deep listening skills and intuition that is spot on!  You really get me!

As I have moved forward in my life, I couldn't have worked through my fears of rejection and failure in building my new business without your compassionate support.  With your wonderful, amazing heart and honed coaching skills, I have reached levels in my life I never knew were possible.  I intend to continue receiving your gifts to propel me even higher!

- Kathy

I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching except that I was told that it could help me with “sorting through some of the puzzle pieces” that I felt were missing for me. I was struggling with what seemed to be some pretty major life decisions and went in hoping that I would come out the other side being able to face those decisions with more certainty. I was really excited to get started after my initial phone consult with Tara and right from the first session she was very easy to talk to - it immediately became a safe space to explore and really look at what was challenging me. The neat thing with coaching is that it’s not advice you get from Tara, but from yourself. She uses astute questions and observations to help you work through a thought and make sense of it, and then once you are aware of the cause, you can work to address it. I was surprised on more than one occasion about what I discovered about myself. Using this self directed yet still guided approach allowed my goal to evolve and identify an underlying issue to these “decisions" that I was grappling with. I think the other really big thing that I took away from my coaching was getting in tune with my intuition and listening to what my body was telling me. She helped me to shift my focus from what was going on in my mind (as I tend to overthink) and focus instead on what I was feeling - not just emotionally but physically. My body would react to certain thoughts or words and I had just never known to listen to that before. I’m still working on what I had identified in my sessions but I can already see the changes in how I react to things and what feel about myself. I would (and frequently do!) highly recommend Tara to anyone and everyone.

- Kristin

Tara's thoughtful method of helping me to get to know my values and goals better really gave me perspective and peace with choosing a pathway to change my life. I am now looking forward to closing a door on a past career and moving towards starting an exciting new path. Thanks Tara for your wisdom and guidance. Well worth the investment.

- Gwen