When I first went to Tara’s website, I stumbled across the flower essences page and reading the testimonials on there piqued my interest. After my last coaching session, I decided to inquire more about them and after talking with Tara and reading more I decided to give it a try. I was unsure of what to think as this sort of thing is “outside my wheelhouse” but tried to keep an open mind and see what came of the session. I am glad I did. It was really an amazing experience. I was shocked at how accurate the essences were that were identified to help me. I was MORE shocked as we worked through each essence – releasing and bringing in energies, at how I could actually feel a sensation at  different locations on my chest/back and also at how with some my emotions seemed to swell. Afterwards, I was tired. The session was on a Friday, and I awoke Saturday feeling recharged. I can’t describe exactly how I felt different, but tasks that I had been putting off for months I suddenly felt able to tackle. I also noticed that while my kids and I weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary, I felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation and gratitude for them and was very content.