I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching except that I was told that it could help me with “sorting through some of the puzzle pieces” that I felt were missing for me. I was struggling with what seemed to be some pretty major life decisions and went in hoping that I would come out the other side being able to face those decisions with more certainty. I was really excited to get started after my initial phone consult with Tara and right from the first session she was very easy to talk to – it immediately became a safe space to explore and really look at what was challenging me. The neat thing with coaching is that it’s not advice you get from Tara, but from yourself. She uses astute questions and observations to help you work through a thought and make sense of it, and then once you are aware of the cause, you can work to address it. I was surprised on more than one occasion about what I discovered about myself. Using this self directed yet still guided approach allowed my goal to evolve and identify an underlying issue to these “decisions” that I was grappling with. I think the other really big thing that I took away from my coaching was getting in tune with my intuition and listening to what my body was telling me. She helped me to shift my focus from what was going on in my mind (as I tend to overthink) and focus instead on what I was feeling – not just emotionally but physically. My body would react to certain thoughts or words and I had just never known to listen to that before. I’m still working on what I had identified in my sessions but I can already see the changes in how I react to things and what feel about myself. I would (and frequently do!) highly recommend Tara to anyone and everyone.