As you know Tara I have done many Flower Essence sessions. It never ceases to amaze me how accurate the essences are. You are so proficient with the pendulum it is shocking how every time each essence chosen is amazingly accurate.
When I listen to you read the qualities that the flower essences releases I just love it when ….wait for it…..wait for it YES!!!! …there it is!… there is the statement that twinges something in me and I know that this is the sentence we need to use in the healing statement. It is so unbelievable how it releases with such ease. I have done other healing work where it brings up trauma but this is such a gentle release. I could feel the twinge before when you read the statement …… but now…. it is gone. Nope…. not there…. removed from my subconscious something that has probably directed my life from that unconscious place most of my life. I know I will be much better off for it.
I know this was the catalyst that shifted my husband to a path of awareness. From there he made many conscious choices and he is so much happier and content.
Thank you Tara!