My Flower Essence Reading with Tara was life changing! At the time, I was going through some incredibly stressful changes in my personal and professional life. My emotions were all over the place, I felt unsettled and I was still processing the ending of a significant relationship. I felt disconnected, lost and devastated. I was making a frantic effort to turn my life around and not become a “victim” to my circumstances, which resulted in pushing myself too hard, too soon.

Getting my Flower Essence Reading done with Tara completely turned the situation around. It brought to light the inner thoughts and emotions I was so desperately trying to suppress and gave me a comforting space to process and acknowledge the things I was feeling. Rather than berating myself for what I was experiencing, Tara taught me to have more patience with and compassion for myself. I highly recommend Tara’s Flower Essence Readings and I would do it again! Thank you Tara!