Tara has an amazing ability to sense what’s going on underneath your layer of armor. The best part about her is that she asks before diving deep to figure out if her intuition is right. I love her open mind about alternative medicines and healing techniques. She and I have worked in archetypes a lot, which I find very useful. She’s accessible and silly about painting pictures of what different archetypes look like. I appreciate a little light-hearted ness when coaching hard or sensitive topics. I always feel like she cares about what I have to say and she is genuinely interested in my wellbeing. This makes it easy to tell her anything that comes to mind no matter how random and then she works to figure out how it fits in the puzzle. She challenges me to go after my goals and when I hit a bump she’s there to help figure out how to move past it- up, over, to the side, under or get out the jack hammer to smooth it over.

Thank you, Tara!