Soul Alignment

What is Soul Alignment?

This term came to me after working with many clients and what I found was that, what people struggle with most is they are disconnected from their internal guidance, AKA intuition, gut instincts.

I like to visualize us as a ball of yarn that is all tangled and woven together. The path back home to your true Self involves untangling the layers of yarn to reveal the jewel in the center. For most people, this feels daunting, and we are unsure where to start so we often put it off, despite the nudging and callings we are getting from the Universe to come Home to ourselves. 


The task of unraveling doesn’t need to feel overwhelming, there is a path. One that will untangle your ball of yarn and reveal the Sacred Being that you already are at your core. This path is full of growth, healing, learning, and reprogramming. The thing is there is no road map!

This is where our intuition comes in when we are in tune with our KNOWING we can navigate our path with ease and grace. We can follow our guidance to live our best life, one that is in our Highest Good!

The problem lies with being disconnected from our internal guidance or unable to hear it among all the other mind chatter. If we can’t hear it, we can’t follow it!

This is where Soul Alignment comes in.  

Your Soul knows the way and when you listen and follow its guidance life becomes more of an adventure. You become aligned with your destiny and can follow your guidance each step of the way. This connection takes the uncertainty out of it all. As your intuition will never steer you wrong, it is your walkie-talkie with the Divine and will always have you flowing towards your Highest Good!

When you can hear your inner wisdom, and you follow that guidance you can start to unravel your ball of yarn. This unraveling is your unique journey of uncovering, healing, and growth. Unfortunately, as I said, there is no one size fits all roadmap or blueprint. You are unique, your gifts, talents, strengths, and destiny are all special to you, and uncovering your truth requires that you can tune in to your Soul and tune out the conditioning, programming, and wounding that keeps you from recognizing and aligning with your sacredness.

So, Soul Alignment is not only about learning to reconnect to your guidance but also about trusting it and using your wisdom to navigate you through your healing journey to reclaim your Divinity.

This is why I do not offer packages, processes, or blueprints. Your journey is unique to you! I have a ton of tools that I have picked up along my journey to help guide you back Home and through the use of my intuition, and connection to your Soul and Spirit, I can help guide you through your path. All the while teaching you to trust, move through blocks, heal and find your way back Home.

My sessions are offered individually (or to save you some $ can be purchased in bulk, which can be used over a year). I have purposely chosen to do this because I have found most people once they are reconnected to their guidance can go for months, or years until they come up against something that they need further assistance with, again it is individual to you and your journey … you will know when and if it is time to reach out again.

If this resonates, let’s have a chat about it!


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You deserve to live an authentic life, and you owe it to your Self to come Home. – Tara Stricker

Soul Alignment Sessions

  • 1 session package – $123.00
  • 3 session package – $333.00
  • 5 Session package – $555.00


What you have been searching for out there is inside you. The fulfillment, happiness and freedom you are craving is here waiting for you to reconnect.  – Tara Stricker