SHHH! It’s Quiet Time!

I have been wracking my brain for the last couple of weeks trying to come up with a blog to write, but when it finally hit me, it was clear that this is the blog I needed to write.

When I write my blogs, they are very much about what is going on in the present moment. It is much like coaching when I ask my clients what is most alive for them right now. For me, I struggle to write when I make a logical decision. I can only write when things are in flow and that means I need to be inspired. Lately I have not been feeling any inspiration on a topic. Don’t get me wrong, things have been good, but I am just not feeling inspired to write. If I had to explain it, I would say I am in a calm place not feeling bothered or inspired by much. I have been in a place of feeling uninspired before, but in those times, I was in some deep processing about my life and was working through a life lesson. This time it is different I feel stable where I am, like I have hit a resting spot on the journey. Like I am in a place to start relaxing rather than pushing to learn and grow (not that that means I will stop, I believe you never stop), but rather I am taking a break and enjoying the scenery of life.


SHHH! It's Quiet Time!

This realization came to me after trying to push an inspiration and write something. That is when it hit me that where I am is exactly where I need to be, and that is perfectly OK!

I think a lot of us get to this point. It is like after things have been really crazy busy in your life and you finally have a minute to breathe. You collapse on your couch and then you feel kind of anxious that you are not stressed and busy. I decided I was not going to do that this time. I decided I was going to find the joy in the present, quiet moment and enjoy the peace. That is when this blog came to me.

I think too often in life we don’t know what to do in the calm because we are used to a level of stress and busyness, so then we fear the quiet and the boredom. The thing that I found is that if you embrace this, rather than spending the time judging it, you may find that it is enjoyable. For me, in this space I found I was really drawn to work on my photography (a hobby business I have). I have spent the past couple of days going through pictures that I have wanted to edit for a while. Taking this time, I was able to complete editing over 50 pictures, which is a lot, and I completely enjoyed the hours it took me to do this. I was not in a rush, did not feel any pressure, I really just embraced the creative process. Enjoying the moment really allowed me to reconnect with the pictures I was working on, spending the time with each one remembering the experience of actually being there when I took the picture. What a blessing this was. Instead of just focusing on getting the picture completed so I could upload it I embraced every memory and story behind the photo and thoroughly enjoyed them all! So much so that I found it hard to go to bed.


SHHH! It's Quiet Time!


While I am writing this, I am reminded of the quote “Life is lived in the pauses not the events”, and I feel like I completely embraced that and understand it at a deeper level now. I think that too many times in my life (and I’m sure many others) when we have reached a resting spot in our journey, our minds are too busy with should haves, need tos and judgments that prevent us from taking the time to breathe and take it in. Life really is lived in the pauses and those pauses are meant to be enjoyed and savored rather than just viewed as a quick pit stop or a necessary, inconvenient break.


SHHH! It's Quiet Time!


So, with a shorter than normal blog, I leave you with this:

Enjoy the quiet calm times, really embrace them as they are just as much a part of life as the busy productive ones…maybe even more!


SHHH! It's Quiet Time!

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