ReDefine You, on Your Terms!

Welcome to an incredible journey into yourself!

You will be taking a journey into your mind to understand your unique views on the world. When we view the world we filter the information through our minds.

For example, when we watch a movie we may have a drastically different take on the movie compared to our friend who watched it with us. We remember different parts, we observe different scenarios, we have different feelings, etc. This is because how we view the world is filtered through our unique mind.

The more aware you become of how your mind works, the more you are able to make conscious choices rather than just running on autopilot. When we run on autopilot, we just accept that our perception right. I’ll give you an example.  Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone because you perceived what they said and the message they gave you was rude (after filtered through your mind), but after you talk it out with them they explain that that was not at all what they meant?

The thing is if we never stop and question our perceptions and we don’t understand what is going on in our minds, we just accept that our perception right and we make decisions based on that.  My ReDefine You program will give you the tools to become aware so that you can choose to be, do, and act in a way that you want – informed and insightful, rather than on autopilot.

7 Week Self-Guided Program

Activities will be provided each week to help you grasp the concept for the week and start integrating it into your life, before taking the next step. The process is one I am intimately familiar with and use it in my own life all the time. Once you have the skills, you can really start to understand how your mind works.

I’ve designed the ReDefine You program for those who are starting out on a personal journey of self-discovery. The weekly tasks are easy and quick to incorporate into your daily life.

Week 1 – Mindfulness

We start out by looking at what mindfulness is and how easy it is to start a mindful practice. This really is the foundation for all further understanding because, when we apply the practical and easy steps provided, we can start to observe our thoughts and really begin shaping our understanding of how we view the world.

Week 2 – Mindfulness fine tuning

This week you fine tune your mindfulness skills and start to incorporate body awareness into it. By introducing body awareness, we are provided with more clues on what is going on with us; our bodies are very telling.

Week – 3 Awareness of feelings

This week we focus our awareness of our emotions/feelings. We look at how to move through our feelings, rather than letting them control us. Here, you will be given tools to understand where the emotions are coming from and how our thoughts are either helping us cope or fueling the emotions.

Week 4 – Self – Talk

This week we continue to use our mindfulness skills and start to listen to our self-talk. Our self-talk is the tapes that play all day, everyday in our minds. When we become aware of these messages we are provided with the key to our internal processing.

Week 5 – Awareness

Now that we have an understanding of our self-talk, we can use this to provide deeper insights into our thinking. In this section, we look at our beliefs about the world and about ourselves. We will briefly look at what beliefs are, how our beliefs are formed and how they play out in our lives.

Week 6 – Self-Compassion

Lastly, we look at a key component of self-discovery – learning to love and accept ourselves. This is key to further development because, as we start to understand how we are forming our perceptions, it is easy to start to blame ourselves and judge ourselves for the thoughts we are having. When we do this, we stunt our development and can become harsh critics. If we can cultivate a loving space for ourselves, we open up the door to further growth and learning.

Week 7 – Putting it all together

This last week we take all the steps and put them together into an easy flow where we can start to challenge our perceptions, beliefs and patterns of behaviors. When we learn to incorporate all that we have learned, we are at a place where we really can ReDefine ourselves on our own terms!

Further Support

I understand at times we encounter roadblocks.  If you find this happening while working through the ReDefine You program, additional support is available:

  1. Private Facebook Group – If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s your not alone.
  2. 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions – Don’t let a simple roadblock stop your journey. With coaching, I can help you find a detour and get you going again.
  3. I’m always here to help.  Contact me if you have any questions or need additional support on your journey. 

 Once you’ve completed the 7-week ReDefine You program, you will have the tools to take yourself off autopilot and start defining your life on your terms.  Your potential growth is unimaginable!


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One of the things Tara helped me change was all the negative talk I was doing to myself. I’ve read many self help books that sounded wonderful but didn’t help. Tara being my coach walked beside me. This is something no self help book has ever done. She listened deeply and reflected back what I was saying. She asked questions and focused me on what I was truly saying to myself. Through this process I have had true personal growth.


Your Guide – Tara Stricker