1 on 1 Coaching

Coaching is a very different experience than traditional therapy, read more about the differences here.

I have found that most of us stay in our comfort zone. It’s not until we are pushed out, that we can see that we were simply settling for an OK life.  We fall victim to our comfort which is not healthy but feels safe.

For many of my clients and definitely for myself, it takes our lives being turned upside down, to realize that we are playing small in our lives. I call these life-changing events the 5D’s (Death, Divorce, Downsized, Disease, Dumped) and experiencing one of these has the potential to catapult your life … in which direction is up to you. When you go through these events, you are compelled to ask ourselves some pretty big questions and dive deeper into the truth of who you are.

Whatever the circumstances that brought you here, it all comes down to the feeling that ‘something’ deep inside is urging you to move forward. It’s like you are being called home to somewhere you can’t remember. For most of us, this home is not anywhere that we know in our logical minds, but we can feel it in our core. Somehow, you know that this place is the place that will bring you happiness, fulfillment and freedom, beyond what you ever thought possible. This journey begins when you start to understand who you truly are … the you that lives buried beneath all the mind chatter and cultural programming. The you that knows there are freedom, joy and fulfillment that can only come from reconnecting to your Self.

This new you comes from living your truth, owning your strengths, tuning into your intuition and the radical love and acceptance of your Self and your life. When you get a taste of this, there is no turning back! You are living life on your terms, how you were always meant too!

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You deserve to live an authentic life, and you owe it to your Self to come home. – Tara Stricker

Coaching Packages

Soul Alignment Sessions

These sessions are a new concept for me but have been trialled with many clients and have been super successful at reconnecting you to your guidance. In these sessions, we have the freedom to go with our combined intuition and have access to a variety of tools available. Which include different methods of energy healing, traditional mindset changing tools and training you to tune into your wisdom. The permission you give your Self to play in these sessions is life-changing in that it allows you to experience the brilliance and alignment that comes from simply opening up to you! 

  • 1 session package – $123.00
  • 3 session package – $333.00
  • 5 Session package – $555.00



This package is a fantastic starting point for moving forward in your life. It is the most structured of the coaching sessions as we work together to provide clarity on how you are showing up in various areas of your life and you get some great insights into how your mind is processing life. In these 3- 60 minute session you’ll learn:

Web of Life – We’ll start by reviewing several aspects of your life and determining your overall satisfaction.  Once we have a clear snapshot, and we’ve explored how each area is intertwined (work, home, self-care, etc.), we will identify where adjustments are needed. This exercise gives you a good snapshot look at your life.

Values – What are your top 10 values?  You may be thinking, “I know what mine are, why is this important”?  This session is essential.  When you live outside of our values, it causes you stress.  Through this exercise, you will get a real sense of how your values impact your life and how being out of alignment can be detrimental.

Archetypes – The Archetypes are what I like to call the voices in your head. They often can be associated with the “should do,” “can’t do,” “need to do” and “if you were a good girl”. These voices guide your behaviours, and when you don’t understand them, you make choices that you think will lead to happiness, but yet seem to fall short. This is because you are missing the most significant puzzle piece.  When you understand how the archetypes work in our life, you can start to decipher those voices and figure out what is real and what is mindset programming.

In these exploratory sessions, you are given the space to start understanding how your mind works and what is guiding your decisions. This awareness allows you to move forward, knowing that the choices you make align with YOU, not simply who you were taught to be.  This is your first glimpse into living authentically and give you access to true power and freedom!

Steps to Freedom


Aw, freedom!  Something we all dream of.  My freedom package includes everything listed in the foundations’ package plus, 5 – 1 hour 1-on-1 sessions where together, we will discover and set achievable goals based on what you’ve uncovered in your foundations sessions.  You will be given a chance to explore deeper into the truth of who you are.  The insights you gain will give you the guidance you need to start living authentically. These steps to freedom are the first steps on your journey home, to your Self.

Come Home to Your Self


This package also includes the foundations’ sessions plus 10 – 1 hour 1-on-1 coaching sessions. These extra sessions will assist you in making better choices and will allow for extra support in making these changes happen. Often when we get started on a path of growth, we hit unexpected roadblocks.  By continuing to work together, you will learn more tools to deal with the inevitable detours on your journey. The more wisdom you can acquire and the more you can connect with your intuition the easier the journey becomes. This package allows you to come back to your Self, the home that has been calling you!

What you have been searching for out there is inside you. The fulfillment, happiness and freedom you are craving is here waiting for you to reconnect.  – Tara Stricker