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3 Ways to Bring Back Balance!

Last week I talked about the issues with work~life balance and how that imbalance is unhealthy for us. This week I am going to give you some tips on how to create that balance for yourself. Prioritize. Make creating balance a priority. If you do not set balance as a priority you will easily fall back […]

Work~Life Balance-What’s That?

This is something that I hear a lot about. Many organizations, in the human services world especially, promote a healthy work-life balance, but what exactly is it? And do you have it? Most people I come across do not have good work-life balance. Instead, they have a work-life and an exhausted-just-surviving-life balance. So many of […]

Flower Power

Flower Power

I have had a lot of enquiries about the flower essence readings lately, so I thought I would write about my experiences with them. I got started doing flower essences with a couple of spiritual advisors that I was working with for my personal growth and holistic well-being. When I first started doing them, I […]

SHHH! It’s Quiet Time!

I have been wracking my brain for the last couple of weeks trying to come up with a blog to write, but when it finally hit me, it was clear that this is the blog I needed to write. When I write my blogs, they are very much about what is going on in the […]

Life Lessons from a Wasp?

I witnessed an interesting thing in my car today that got me thinking about life. There was a wasp in my car and it looked like it was desperately trying to get out of the hot car. It continually kept flying against the closed window hitting the glass. I opened the car door to let […]

Is your Reality Really Real?

The more I learn about our minds, the more I understand the statement “We create our reality”. This may make you scratch your head, but really, everything we see and do in this life is filtered through our minds and, our minds although built the same, are our own unique filters to the world. Think […]

finally...happy birthday to me

Finally…Happy Birthday to Me!

Just over a week ago, I celebrated my birthday and this year was completely different than it had been from other birthdays. I would have to say that this was probably the first time since I was a child that I felt like I wanted to celebrate me because I am worth it! That is […]

Clean Out the Closets of Your Mind

Spring is such a beautiful time of year! Nature is bursting with life, the trees are blooming, baby animals running around, birds are singing, and flowers are popping up all over. It really is a season full of life! I notice people emerging from their winter hibernation, my neighbourhood is again filled with kids playing, […]

Time for Connection?

Lately the word connection has been popping up for me, so I thought I would write about it. We, by nature, are wired for connection. Our very survival is dependent on it, so why is it so many of us struggle to feel connected? Why is it that we tend to close off and retreat […]

Excited About a Root Canal…WHAT?!?

I have taken the last couple of weeks off because I have been nurturing a tooth abscess. When I was told I needed a root canal at first, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Why is this you ask? Well it’s simple I have worked really hard and earned this root canal and I was ready […]

5 Life Changing (Yet Simple) Resolutions!

The new year is a time when so many of us start taking stock of our lives in efforts to evaluate where we want to make some changes. Most of the time we focus on external changes that we feel will bring us happiness, but what most of us fail to realize is that happiness […]

Look Back Before Moving Forward!

As we approach the New Year I am looking forward to new adventures and new growth. I am also finding myself thinking of the past year and what I have accomplished, and I am reminded that it is important to celebrate our accomplishments and successes. Too often we just gloss over all that we have […]

The Value of the Season!

The Value of the Season!

We all have different values that we hold dear to us, and when we live out of alignment with our values it causes us stress. With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to reduce the amount of stress over the holidays by writing about how to figure out your holiday […]

The Voice in my Head is Kind of a B&%#@!

The Voice in my Head is Kind of a B&%#@!

No, I am not crazy! We all have internal dialogue and what I have found is that most times this voice can be pretty nasty! I think the easiest way to gain more awareness of this voice is to look at it in greater detail.   Who is this voice? Some call it our inner […]

Is it a Message?

Have you ever had animals appearing in your life and wondered why? This is really common. I have had numerous conversations in the last week about what I refer to as animal messengers. My belief is that when we have different animals show up in our lives, they are bringing us a message from the […]

To Forgive or Not to Forgive?

One of the most overlooked and important lessons we can learn on our journey in life is the lesson of forgiveness. I recognize this is something a lot of people struggle with, but I believe that when we are not able to forgive, we are unnecessarily holding onto negative energy. This negative energy hinders our […]