It just makes sense!…The evolution of Whole Person Coaching

To me it just makes sense, we are complex unique individuals and our lives do not happen in a vacuum. This is why I really believe in whole person coaching. Every aspect of our lives is an intricate web with all aspects of ourselves showing up in every area of our lives. If we are having issues at work then this will inevitably affect our relationships, our home life and us personally. That is why when we are looking at making some adjustments its important that we not only focus on the issue at hand but also the effects positive and negative that these adjustments will have in the other areas of our lives. This is true of big changes as much as it is with the smaller ones.

Learn about Whole Person Coaching from Feroshia Knight. Feroshia is the inspirational creator of Whole Person Coaching, she is passionate about people and every time I speak to her I leave feeling energized. Please enjoy this video and the wealth of information it can provide.

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