Flower Essence Healing

Flower essence readings use the natural healing energy of flowers to help you move through obstacles you are experiencing in your life.

Our bodies are a constant flow of energy. When you are out of alignment with your Self, life does not flow easily, it seems difficult and overwhelming. You may find yourself angry, frustrated, and/or apathetic. That is because your energy flow is blocked. This can happen for many different reasons like abuse, abandonment, rejection, going against your guidance and just simply following old patterns, and beliefs that are not serving you.

When our energy is not flowing we feel drained, depressed, apathetic, and hopeless, to varying degrees. When it is blocked it stops the regular flow and can cause you physical ailments as well as stress, overwhelm, confusion and anxiousness. Continuing to live like this takes a toll on your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Plants and flowers have been used for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for centuries. They can address emotional well-being, soul development and mind-body health.

I was blown away at how accurate the reading was for identifying the core of my fears of rejection and lack of boundaries.  – Kathy

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need one?

Here are just a few things you may be experiencing:

  • Physical – You feel tired. Have headaches, nausea, general aches and pains or digestive issues.


  • Emotional – Feeling angry, frustrated, stifled and/or suffocated.  Short-tempered with no provocation.


  • Psychological – Everything seems really hard. Things in your life do not flow. Feel like you are met with obstacle after obstacle. Attracting the same people or situations that cause you suffering. Locked in a specific mindset and can’t change your perspective. Play the blame game. Feel victimized by life.


  • Spiritual – Feel unfulfilled with your life. Feel like you are missing a key ingredient to happiness. Feel apathetic towards life. Feel energetically heavy.

What’s happens in the session?

I use my pendulum to determine what essences are best suited for you. (I am simply the messenger for the Divine). In a reading you could have any number of essences come up, sometimes it may be a couple and others it could be numerous Although generally it falls below 10. It all really depends on you and what you are working through at the time of the reading.

Sessions last up to 90 minutes depending on the essences that come up and how you are feeling. As it is energy work sometimes there is a physical reaction to the changing energy. Most people feel drained, like you feel when you’ve had a really good massage. I often think of these sessions as a massage for your Soul!

In the session, after the specific essences are chosen you chose what assistance you want to ask for then you simply repeat an incantation to bring in the support of the flower.

How does it work?

Each of the flowers holds a specific energetic vibration that helps you by adjusting your vibration.

For example – one of the most common essences that comes up for people is California Wild Rose, which helps with, love for the earth and for human life as well as enthusiasm for doing and serving. California Wild Rose essence helps you release feelings of apathy, resignation, passivity, and a lack of will forces. When you bring in this specific essence you would feel a deeper connection to your life and find you have the energy and desire to participate in it fully. You can get more information on different essences on my YouTube channel, or on the Bach Flower Essence Society page.

How will it help me?

A flower essence session is unique in the fact that it works on body, Soul and mind. Many times, when we do other types of healing, we leave our healing in the hands of others. They do the healing and we receive it.

In a flower essence healing session you actively participate as it incorporates your mind, body and Soul. By asking the energy of the flower to come in and assist you with a specific aspect you want, it allows to you take that information in on a mental level,  and as you receive the energy from the flower it continues to work in all of your energy fields. There is also something very comforting in having the words to explain what you are experiencing, which is what often happens when you hear the description of the essences energy.

What is the cost?

Sessions are paid on a sliding scale between $75-$125.

What can I expect after the session?

Overall most people feel a sense of calm and relaxation like a weight has been lifted.

After the reading, you may feel drained or tired as energy work can be exhausting, especially if you have been holding on to toxic energy for a while. It’s similar to getting a massage and feeling drained after. 

In the days following the session, you may start to notice changes in your thinking, self-talk, and/or mood. The experience is different for everyone, and some people find they can’t put their finger on it, they just feel better.

How often?

We are always constantly changing and evolving, just like you would have a massage when your body is aching a flower essence session can be used as you move through your personal growth journey and shed old versions of yourself.

Personally, I use them regularly on my journey as they are such a beautiful way to help with healing and soul growth.

You’re welcome to book a reading when you feel the desire, essences will only come up when you need and are ready for them.

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