Clean Out the Closets of Your Mind

Spring is such a beautiful time of year! Nature is bursting with life, the trees are blooming, baby animals running around, birds are singing, and flowers are popping up all over. It really is a season full of life! I notice people emerging from their winter hibernation, my neighbourhood is again filled with kids playing, birds singing and neighbours chatting. With this emergence from hibernation many of us are inspired to start our spring cleaning. We are starting to clean up outdoor spaces and also giving our indoor space a good decluttering and cleaning. I know that is how I feel!

Clean Out the Closets of Your Mind

Your Outer World is a Reflection of your Inner world

While doing my spring cleaning this year, I am reminded how much our outer world reflects our inner world. I think about what Louise Hay, author of Heal Your Life and numerous other great books, says about cleaning out the clutter of our mind. She suggests that when you clean your exterior environment you repeat the affirmation “I am cleaning out the closets of my mind”.

I agree that our outside world does reflect our internal and I have experienced it many times. For example, when my house is in disorganization and chaos, it is a warning signal to me that my mind is disorganized and my thinking chaotic. Usually, at these times, I struggle to connect thoughts and there is a flurry of activity with the numerous projects I have on the go. My solution to this is to clean my outer environment and simultaneously my inner world becomes more organized; I gain clarity. The same plays out the other way, when I am stuck in my head over a project or problem, my house starts to get disorganized and messy. My cure for this is to start by cleaning the outer environment which opens up space for me both physically and within my mind. It is like when I organize my house magically my mind gets organized as well!


Clean Out the Closets of Your Mind

What Else Needs Organization?


When you are doing your spring cleaning this year consider what else might need a little more organization. Notice how you keep your environment and how that is reflected in your life.

Do you like to hide clutter in drawers? This may mirror hiding things away that you are not ready or wanting to deal with. Or do you have an immaculate house on appearance but become obsessed over little messes? Is that mirroring how you may get stressed when things aren’t just right in your life and, as a result, fixate on the negative? Or maybe you hang on to things that are no longer useful because you don’t want to let go? This could be mirroring your willingness to hang on to grudges, stories or beliefs that are not serving you.

Try this…

There are no clear, hard fast rules to this but I would bet if you do your spring cleaning with mindfulness and curiosity, you may get some insights! While cleaning ask yourself how is this playing out in my thinking and in my life? Then be present and listen for the answers. If you do find there are things that arise that you are ready to clear out then set the intention “I clear out the closet, or disorganization from my mind.”

Clean Out the Closets of Your Mind







I leave you with the warmest wishes for this beautiful season!


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