About Me


Hi!  My name is Tara Stricker, I started coaching 5 years ago after a 20-year career in the Human Services. How I came to coaching is the reason why I am so passionate about it.

It all started 6 years ago, I was in a career that satisfied me, sure there were frustrations, but that’s normal, right? I was in a marriage, that was good, sure we had a few issues, but that’s normal, right? And life was good…most days! This all changed when my husband got ill. It was a short illness,  my but life would never be the same again!

It all started one day when my husband’s face was drooping, he went to the Dr and fast forward three days later he was undergoing brain surgery. It was at this point, (I can still recall it now) that I realized my life would never be the same, at this moment I knew that there were going to be some significant changes, the full effect of which I couldn’t even comprehend at this point.

My husband, Woody, had a short battle with brain cancer then passed, three months later. This whirlwind had my life in a tailspin, everything had changed, I had changed. It was through his illness that I realized that I was living a life of regrets, I was not living authentically. I was doing what I THOUGHT I should do, what society says I needed to do to be happy. A career, a house, a marriage and now that was all in turmoil. Sound familiar?

For many of my clients the details are different but the story the same. They too have faced a major trauma in their life, and that had put them in a place where they needed to recreate themselves, they needed to reinvent their life. That is the thing about living through a trauma, it changes you… how it changes you is up to the individual but the very nature of what you have gone through forces you to reevaluate life. It is at this point that you start to realize what is important, what you truly value, and what you want in your life. It really is the effect of trauma that allows us to start living … finally! This was true for me too, not that I regret my previous life but the life I have now was nothing that I could even have dreamt was possible.

After my husband passed, I decided “NO REGRETS!”, I didn’t want to do what I thought was right, I wanted to do what felt right, what felt authentic to me, I wanted to live a joy-full life! And that is exactly what I did. I started coaching to help others, what I didn’t realize is that I had so much to learn about myself! I learned how my life had been led by the “should have,” “need to’s” and all the mind chatter that overwhelmed me. This led to me living not for myself, but for what I thought I should do, the “right” thing, the “be a good girl” life. I know most of you can probably relate to this!

Too many of us are not connected to who we really are at a soul level we listen to the mind chatter that tells us we “have to do this” and “we need to do that” and “we shouldn’t do this.” The thing that I realized is the chatter is not me, it is my beliefs, stories, patterns and thoughts and they were leading me astray. The more I am able to connect with my authentic self the quieter these voices get and the more at home I feel! That is precisely why I coach others. I believe that everyone can create a life that they love, and moreover that everyone deserves it! I know from experience when we connect to who we really are when we come home to ourselves, and we stop listening to our mind chatter, we really are unstoppable … we can have it all! I am living proof, and that is why I am so passionate about helping others find this freedom for themselves!

It really is ironic, it took the complete destruction of my former life to create the space for me to rebuild a life that genuinely excites me. I believe you are capable of attaining this, more importantly, I know you deserve it!