Learn To Trust, Use Your Strength, Tune Into Wisdom
Come Home To Your TRUE SELF


Tara Stricker

Hi, My name is Tara and I am here to be your guide back home to your Self. The true you that lies beneath all the judgments, doubts, fears, and anxiety.
The truth of who you are is … you ARE a perfectly imperfect Divine being and at your core you know this deep truth!
You were probably drawn here because you have lost that connection along the way and are longing for Home.
I am here as a guide to assist you to reconnect to your innate knowing so that you can follow your path with trust, strength, and wisdom.

How May I Help You?

What you have been searching for out there is inside you.
The fulfillment, happiness, and freedom you are craving
is here waiting for you to reconnect.

Soul Alignment Sessions

These sessions are designed specifically for you and your journey! With intuitive guidance and your innate wisdom, we work through what your Soul leads us to.


Balance, cleanse and upgrade your chakras. Using the flower and gem essences as well as energy release points you will get your energy centers operating in top shape.

Belief Energy Reprogramming

This session is for people who are aware of their limiting beliefs and just want to reprogram themselves with new self-serving beliefs.

Monthly Guidance

With this subscription, you will be sent a monthly email offering you guidance and support for the upcoming month.

The email will contain an Oracle card and flower essence chosen specifically for you. You will also receive a channelled message from Spirit to help guide you.

If you are ready so am I, book your sessions here

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